Who is an FRM (Financial Risk Manager)?

Financial Risk Manager (FRM) is a designation issued by the GARP Global Association of Risk Professionals. The GARP FRM is globally recognized as an esteemed certification for financial risk professionals working in financial markets. These managers possess specialized knowledge in assessing risk. They work for major banks, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, asset management firms, etc.  

FRM Requirements: 

  • To receive the FRM designation candidates must pass the examination in two parts. Once cleared, candidates must possess a minimum of 2 years of professional work experience in any of the given areas - risk management, trading, portfolio management, economics, risk consulting, etc.  

  • After clearing the exams you have to provide the proof of work experience to GARP only then will you be certified. You have 5 years to do so. In case you fail to complete it within this period the exam pass status no longer holds valid, and you will have to take the FRM exams once again.

  • After reviewing your work experience, GARP will mail you the certificate. In case you don’t receive the certificate, you have to pay a $100 fee for re-issual.

  • Candidates should also have the active fellow membership in GARP.

Why Should You Pursue FRM?

Differentiate yourself: This designation sets you apart in the financial services industry. The need for financial risk management professionals is growing by the day so anyone who has FRM designation is regarded as having the ‘gold standard’ of the industry. Many top financial firms employ risk management professionals who have the FRM certification.

Opens Many Doorways: A world of opportunities open when you have the FRM designation. Those with the FRM designation typically hold managerial and executive-level positions that concentrate on risk and investment risk. These positions are expected to grow at a rate of 7% over the next decade. Besides, the salaries for these positions are good enough.


Grow Your Global Networking Connections: Global acceptance of the FRM Program has increased. It has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 29% in total registrants in the last eight years. Therefore, anyone who becomes an FRM certification holder can tap into a wide network of experts. You also get first-hand exposure to industry insights and trends, which is a great opportunity to increase your technical know-how. 

FRM Course Structure


The FRM course is divided into two parts. The FRM consists of 100 MCQ type questions which need to be completed in the maximum duration of 4 hours. The second part of the FRM syllabus is constituted of 80 MCQs with a maximum duration of 4 hours. 

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