What is CS?

CS stands for Company Secretaries, CS handles a company's legal requirements, such as filing tax reports and maintaining records. CS is one of the known professions. 

CS Benefits

Company Secretaries have many advantages and benefits. They are as follows:

  • Less Stress: Company Secretaries have no deadlines and you can complete your tasks easily. 

  • Consistent Growth: Company Secretaries deal with higher authorities, so you have a good chance of working professional. 

  • Age Restriction: Company Secretaries have no age restriction, you can pursue and achieve it. 

Qualification for CS

For becoming a CS candidate, you need to clear 3 levels. They are as follows:

  • CS Foundation: It is the first level of the courses for becoming a company secretary and is the path to that position. The ICSI offers this course, which is a combination of optional coaching and classes delivered via mail.

  • CS Executive Programme: The Executive Programme is the next stage in the certification process to become a company secretary (C.S). All candidates, with the exception of those in the fine arts, may take this course.

  • CS Professional Programme: This is the third and the last level of examination. Only candidates who have passed the executive programme for the Company Secretary course are eligible to enroll in this course.

CS Courses and other details

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CS Job Packaging and other details

In India, a Company Secretaries can get an annual starting salary of 4.45 LPA to 27.5 LPA. The average salary of a CS is 6.00 LPA. On the global level, the annual salary goes much higher per annum.

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